Hacker HighSchool

Posted: February 23, 2008 in News

Okai i leave to you this very interesting e-books so if u like anything about hacking or security stuff this is for you!

Enjoy it!

Hacker HighSchool – 13 ebook (the best)

229 KB——>HHS_en01_Being_a_Hacker.pdf
361 KB——>HHS_en02_Windows_and_Linux.pdf
487 KB——>HHS_en03_Ports_and_Protocols.pdf
301 KB——>HHS_en04_Services_and_Connections.pdf
237 KB——>HHS_en05_System_Identification.pdf
208 KB——>HHS_en06_Malware.pdf
318 KB——>HHS_en07_Attack_Analysis.pdf
320 KB——>HHS_en08_Forensics.pdf
531 KB——>HHS_en09_Email_Security.pdf
727 KB——>HHS_en10_Web_Security_and_Privacy.pdf
212 KB——>HHS_en11_Passwords.pdf
290 KB——>HHS_en12_Legalities_and_Ethics.pdf
244 KB——>HHS_TOC_Glossary.pdf



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