More emoticons for messenger

Posted: June 27, 2008 in News
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Well after a fast visit to marikikis’s blog i found this cute emoticons for everything but im sure that everybody prefer to use it for the messenger,…. dont ya?. So first of all THANKS to Marikis for this and now for me to post this in my blog hahaha! Enjoy it and have fun… and i f you have chance to try the new messenger beta 9 …its the same as the old on but HAHA you can put a gif in your display the bad notice is that only the people with the same version can enjoy the gif in your dp the older versions will only see a static pic!

Hes is the link! DOWNLOAD
Thnks to:
  1. Acidous says:

    (‘.’) Mιxнιs :[ “Nemo me impune lacessit” :[ ミシェル(R)アレクサンドラ 32d*26(*)[1]Neskatxo Maite Zaitut** dice:


  2. marikikis says:

    gracias por el enlace y los comentarios!
    un abrazo =)

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