Xbox 360 o Playstation 3

Posted: November 5, 2009 in News
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Yo soy  muy fan del 360 realmente han salido cosas muy buenas para la consola peero obvio tambien el Play 3 ni se diga…ustedes elijan o digan que prefieren sino vean las comparativas de las fotos!

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  3. Mark says:

    Excellent Hardware
    I never really planned on getting a PS3
    as I already have an XBOX 360 and most of the games are more or less the same. But, I have been wanting to get a Blu-ray player for my new LCD, and with the new low price on the PS3
    it just seemed like a better purchase than a stand alone. It is a great blu-ray player, good picture and sound, loads quickly and updates with the wireless connection. The interface is easy to navigate and it has lots of storage for demos, videos, music etc. The hardware is way better than the Xbox except that it is missing IR receiver and doesn’t work with universal remotes (like a harmony) without a work around (I have a Sony Bravia TV and Bravialink works great to control the PS3). Overall I am very happy with the product it offers a lot of features for the price and is the best deal on a blu-ray player period. If I had to choose between an XBOX and PS3 I would keep the PS3(but I would miss Halo and XBox Live).

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